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December 4, 2020   

We are ending a very challenging, yet rewarding year at Hastings Lake Lutheran Bible Camp.  


   We did not have any rental or program income, nor were we able to have most of our traditional fundraising events, as Covid-19 made that impossible early in the year. Understandably, our undesignated giving was down from previous years, but with careful budgeting, we were able to keep our costs down, and with the help of a Federal Covid wage subsidy to help pay our staff, and a Provincial Covid operational grant geared specifically to keeping overnight camps alive, we will end the year much better off than originally anticipated.   


   With a few very generous donations towards Trinity Lodge in early summer, we were able to begin construction in mid-August. Thanks to wonderful weather and great planning by our project managers Cal Lyseng and Ron Grue, we completed the project ahead of schedule and under budget.  Not all the numbers are in yet, but with your generous giving during December, we may well be able to have this beautiful building completely paid for by year end!


   Covid-19 brought many new challenges this year, and with those new challenges, new opportunities.  Our first Hastings Lights event was a great success as more than 1200 people came to our Camp and we raised nearly $18K clear - one of our best fundraisers ever! Our thanks to our Camp Director Andrew Carlson and his wife Dieta, and our Capital committee who showed their incredible creativity and careful planning to pull off this wonderful Covid-safe event. Also new for 2021, we will be working to remove the limitation that we now have as a three-season camp, and allow us to leverage our investment in the Solomon's and Trinity lodges year round.


   We are in the midst of planning our summer programming for 2021, and with that, new ways to "have Camp".  2021 will be another challenging year, and we don't really know what it will look like at this point. We seek God's guidance and your prayers for those doing the planning.  

Praying we'll be able to see each other soon at our Camp!


In His Service,


Roger Osness

Board Chair

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