Trinity Lodge construction has begun,

and you can help us finish it!

A letter submitted by the Anonymous $100,000 Donor:


There is a book called, “The Most Good you Can Do” by Peter Singer that I read a few years ago.  The book really challenges the reader to be deliberate about how they chose to give their funds/donations so they can have the maximum impact on others.  It caused me to reflect how we spent our money.


This reflection led us to the decision to give $100,000 to Hastings Lake Bible Camp.  However, our decision to give was more than just the influence of the book.  Our faith had the biggest impact and Bible Camps hold a special place in our lives. My wife and I met at Bible Camp when we were teens and both of our families attended for years.  We continued the summer tradition and have been attending Bible Camps since our children were infants. Our children had significant spiritual formation experiences at Bible Camp and have made their deepest commitments to their faith through the experiences at camp. They also enjoy some of their deepest friendships from people they met at Bible Camp. For over 40 years, Bible Camps have shaped and influenced our lives. 


As such, we wanted to do something extraordinarily special.  We gave the money to the camp with the condition that the camp would raise additional funds before they could use it.   We didn’t want the money to sit for years and we wanted our seed gift to lead to other gifts. The Camp Board chose the project (Trinity Lodge) but the funds were given with the idea it could be leveraged to raise more funds which is exactly what has happened. . 


We love that they chose to build Trinity Lodge.  It’s a building that will be used for 100 or more years to meet the needs of children, youth and families.  It will allow the camp to generate additional revenue in the off seasons and provide a more comfortable experience for those who use it in the summer. In the end, the building makes the camp more accessible and comfortable for users and this will allow more people to experience God in the way only a Bible Camp can provide.


We’ve decided to remain anonymous so that the focus can remain on the Camp and its Biblical mission.  There may be a time when people know about our donation but for now we remain anonymous.  Matthew 6:3 says, “...don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”  The purpose was never to draw attention to the gift...rather what the gift, along with your support, can do in the context of our commitment to the Christian faith.


A gift of $100,000 may be out of reach for you but don’t be too quick to dismiss the idea.  We also thought it was crazy and out of reach.  We thought it was out of reach for us until we realigned our finances to make it happen and we made the contribution over two years.  It’s a big number and it was a big sacrifice for us.  It came with many other decisions.  We chose to make this a sacrificial gift and kept our older vehicles, ate at restaurants a bit less, limited our spending, etc. It was a hundred other smaller financial decisions to make this one work.   We have all the expenses of a typical family and our children’s university around the corner but we felt like God was guiding us to do something that would stretch us. Like the story of the widow’s mite, Jesus blessed the sacrificial gift (Luke 21:1-4) We did it willingly and with excitement because 2 Cor. 9:7 says that “God loves a cheerful giver.”  We remain cheerful today!


Hebrews 10:24 also directs us to “spur one another on to love and good deeds” and that is what we are hoping to do now…


Trinity Lodge is going to cost around $400,000 and the camp has $318,000 of this money in the bank.  They are able to build it for this cost due to the donation of time and talents of several people as the project is likely worth closer to $500,000. The $318,000 of cash in the bank is due to the generous gifts of many of you!


There is just over $80,000 left to raise.  We know this isn’t a huge amount but it would be awesome if we could bring in the funds before the project is complete.  This is an unusual year with COVID-19 impacting operations but it’s turned out to be a great year to get this project done. 

We challenge you to prayerfully consider how you can contribute to this amazing project.  Your gift will have a lasting impact on so many lives and God will bless it over and over for many years to come. 

Hastings Lake Bible Camp

135-51268 Range Road 204
Sherwood Park, AB, T8G 1E9