Meet the
Summer Staff!

Andrew Carlson
Camp Director

Hastings Lake, AB

"I love seeing campers become SITs, SITs become staff, and staff return as campers with their own families.
God is good!"


Jenna Dewling
Cabin Leader

Olds, AB
"I am in love with Hastings and the kids are so respectful and wonderful. I would like to share God's love to every person that comes to hastings this summer."

Laken Biletski
Cabin Leader

Camrose, AB
"Hastings has done so much for me in not only my faith journey, but in my friendships as well. I would love to share this experience with other kids and let them find incredible connections just as I did."

Joel Litwin
Cabin Leader

Tofield, AB
"Since attending HLBC as a kid and volunteering as a SIT I have wanted to be a staff member, providing kids a fun summer and a chance to learn about Gods love."

Lauren Payne
Cabin Leader

Camrose, AB
"The best part about being at camp though, is being able to work with kids of all ages and different kinds of families. The time spent serving others is personally rewarding and has enriched my faith experience."

Reid Bishop

Ardrossan, AB
"Growing up camp was (and still is) my favorite part of the year, mainly because of the people I met. I want to help recreate that for campers now. Last summer I learned so much and grew in my faith and as a person. I cant think of a better way to spend my summer than with all my favorite people in my favorite place!"

Dieta Carlson
Office Manager

Hastings Lake, AB

"I firmly believe that Camp changes lives, and love having the opportunity to participate in such meaningful work."


Amy Jack
Head Cook

Camrose, AB
"I love being here. I love the people and being around a great community. It's also cool now to have a kid and have him grow up a part of some cool places, like camp."

Gabriel Forbes
Cabin Leader

St, Albert, AB
"I have always loved being at camp. Every year I ask for my friends to come because I believe everyone can take something from Hastings lake because of the incredible work the board and summer staff do."

Christopher Everett
Cabin Leader

Strathmore, AB
"Camp provides a Christ-filled environment that I enjoy and have cherished the last 3 summers. It gives me a 'reset' and also many friends but again first and foremost being able to be reaffirmed in my faith in Christ."

Keysha Swanson
Assistant Cook

Camrose, AB
"I have been going to Hastings ever since I was 11 months old. I feel serving there is fun and a great opportunity to have. Also, to be around some of the friends that I don't get to see as often."

Sharnelle Umphrey
Summer Program Director

Tofield, AB
"Hastings is my home camp and not only do I love the community and comfort it gives me but I'd like to be apart of its inevitable growth as a place of ministry, a refuge, a place of reunion and community and of course and place of love and fun.' 

Katie Molzan
Program Assistant

Edmonton, AB
"Every year I find camp a really nice time to refocus on God and renew my own relationship with Him. And I think that He allows me to be refreshed by watching kids and families grow in faith and their own relationships, by being outside in nature and by being entrenched in His word."

Brittany McKay
Cabin Leader

Tofield, AB
"Because camp has had such an impact on my life, I know that it is an effective form of ministry and I would like to help other kids grow in their relationship with God through it."

Nick Semmens

Cabin Leader

Camrose, AB
"Spending parts of my summer at camp became the best part of my year, where I am immersed in the church and its community"



Landon Jack
Maintenance Assistant

Camrose, AB
"I love to stretch my ministry muscles in what ever way I can. But above all, I want to contribute in the spread of the Gospel in what ever way that I can."