Andrew Carlson

Camp Director

Hastings Lake, AB

" Being out at camp, in the woods and surrounded by people who care about you, offers a special kind of peace. I can't wait to share that with campers again this summer! "


Katie Molzan

Program Assistant

Edmonton, AB

" I am really excited to get back to making memories with my Hastings family. The special presence of God that I feel here refills my soul."


Laken Biletski

Kitchen Assistant

Camrose, AB


Kristian Berg


Port Coquitlam, BC

" Camp is a blessing to everyone who gets to experience it. Through camp, all have a week jam packed full of crazy times, fun and God's love.
I remember playing capture the flag and I was on the blue team. There was a staff member dressed all crazy in blue and he started shouting out a list of things that are blue. Everyone was getting pumped to win this game."


Malcolm Guglich

Cabin Leader

Camrose, AB

" I think camp is important because it's a place where the message is transformed into fun and fellowship in a special way. It's a remarkable place where the word and promises of God become more apparent and digestible."


Sarah Timms

Cabin Leader

Edmonton, AB

" I am most excited to get to pray for and with all of the amazing campers that come to camp and to pour out a plethora of blessings on them! Also, Romans and Christians is always a great time!"


Gabriel Forbes

Cabin Leader

St. Albert, AB

" Camp is so important and especially this year is to remind people the powerful story of Christ and reaffirm the community of loving and caring people we have at Hastings Lake Bible Camp."


Dieta Carlson

Office Manager

Hastings Lake, AB

" My favourite camp memories all involve epic wide games with ridiculous costumes. I love how God works through EVERYTHING at camp: the fun silly moments and the more serious moments. I'm excited to make more memories!"


Jodi Harrison


Camrose, AB

" I am excited for my first summer out at camp, and to meet the Hastings community! I’ve heard awesome things about Hastings, so I’m looking forward to spending the summer there! "


Amy Jack

Kitchen Assistant

Camrose, AB

" I am excited to see the campers and to experience camp life through my boys eyes."


Steven Hartman


Camrose, AB

" I believe camp is more important than usual these days, especially for kids.  For over a year we have been  isolated from family and friends, and finding normalcy in our everyday lives has been a struggle.  Being out at camp will give us all a brief escape from the noise of life, and experience the goodness of God’s creation.   It’s a place to get out in nature, do fun activities, hang out with friends, and most  importantly worship God.  In my past experience as staff, it was almost a constant feeling of being in God’s presence."


Jessica Bitzer

Cabin Leader

Sherwood Park, AB

" I am so excited to be part of the Hastings Lake staff team that has had such an impact on my life and helping me grow in my relationship with Christ. I hope that this summer I can be someone who does that for a camper and makes an impact in their life by showing them the love of Christ."


Bailey McKeeman

Cabin Leader

Edmonton, AB

" This summer I am looking forward to being able to meet and hangout with so many new people and seeing how God is at work at camp!"


Sharnelle Umphrey

Summer Program Director

Tofield, AB

" I'm most excited to witness and facilitate everyone's reconnection with their friends, family, and the camp community."


Emma Jarrett


Camrose, AB

"My favourite memory of camp is playing Romans and Christians!"


Landon Jack


Camrose, AB

" I have come to love camp ministry and all that it entails, and I hope that through camp I can be a light to the world, serving both God and my neighbour."


Jenna Dewling

Cabin Leader

Olds, AB

" My favourite memory from camp was Jr. Youth 2019. I had been playing music before the girls would go to sleep and there was one song they all had started to really love. On the Thursday of camp, we were on dish duty and my entire cabin sang the worship song at the top of their lungs while it played over the speaker. It was such a great moment of community, and it was wonderful to see how much the kiddos loved the worship songs."


Sam Prangnell

Cabin Leader

Calgary, AB

" Camp is such a unique experience that should be shared with everyone!
The world moves far too fast at times and going to camp is like taking a breath of fresh air. You don't have to worry about what's happening on all corners of the globe, just what's in front and around you. The singing birds, the beautiful sunsets, the sense of community, the fellowship, camp has it all! You're surrounded by nature, and amazing friends and family for a week straight! What's not to love about that?


Reid Bishop

Cabin Leader

Ardrossan, AB

"This summer I am most excited to reconnect with old friends and make new ones! I have met so many of the most important people in my life here. I can’t wait to spend my summer being silly and praising God with them again. Something about camp attracts the best kinds of people and I’m just so happy I get to meet more of you soon."