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Support Hastings, one puzzle piece at a time!

A Piece of the Puzzle


Over the last several decades, thousands of people have been impacted and God’s Kingdom has been advanced. Has Hastings Lake Bible Camp been a piece of your life?


Imagine this wonderful place as a puzzle, built piece by piece – the physical structures and, even more importantly, the lives. Picture the years going by – millions of hours of friendship-building, work, love, learning, spiritual growth, fellowship, and fun – all becoming enduring pieces of the whole that is HLBC.


With those images in the mind, we have created a collage of camp photos and made it into a puzzle! This puzzle, “Pieces of Camp” (pictured below), will be used as a lovely way to remember and honour those we love.

When you donate $50, the name of your honouree, and their birth date if you like (up to 26 characters)
will be written on the back of a puzzle piece. Proceeds from this puzzle will go towards the Trinity Lodge building project.

When all pieces have been spoken for, this memento will hang in the future Trinity Lodge with both sides visible. In years to come, our descendants will enjoy a sense of belonging … seeing our names, theirs, and those of friends and relatives. (One of our committee members plans to donate for 6 pieces and celebrate each of her grandchildren. And, in remembrance of her parents, 2 more!)


      (shown below)

      "Pieces of Camp"collage fundraiser puzzle.

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