Daily Schedule

Camp is full of fun activities!
Each camp is a little different, but a typical day at camp might look something like this:

8:15am - Breakfast

A typical day at camp starts off with a delicious breakfast served in our dining hall.
After each meal, everyone helps out with work duties to keep the camp clean and safe.

Washing Dishes

9:45am - Chapel

Next we have Chapel, where we worship, sing songs, watch funny skits, and hear from the speaker for the week.

10:30am - Quest Time

After chapel, it's Quest Time! During Quest, kids are split up into their cabin groups (at kids camps) or into age groups (at family camps) for Bible study and small group games. Adults get a coffee break, and then enjoy their own Bible study.

12:00pm - Lunch and Quiet Time

After lunch and work duties, we have a short quiet time so everyone can rest. At Kids Camps, campers go back to their cabin, tidy up, and relax. At Family Camps, campers spend quiet time as a family.

2:00pm - Options

After you're all rested up, it's time for Options! Each child gets to sign up for three different activities, and they do each activity twice during the week. Options vary from week to week and year to year, but here are a few examples:

- Canoeing
- Sports
- Archery
- Leather Tooling
- Crafts
- Outdoor Adventure
- Music
- Drama
- Swimming
- Adventure Option (offered at family camps, this activity is designed especially for kids 5 and under!)

3:30pm - Free Time

There is also free time in the afternoon, where you can choose what you want to do! The pool is open, you can play on the playground or at the basketball court, hang out with your friends, and get snacks from the canteen.

5:30pm - Supper

Another delicious meal provided by our excellent cooks, followed by work duties.

7:00pm - Wide Game (Kid's Camps)

In the evening you can look forward to epic wide games. These games are full of fun and imagination, crazy costumes, exciting stories.

7:30pm - Evening Chapel & Flex Time (Family Camps)

At Family Camps, we worship together during Evening Chapel. Sometimes the pool is open again after chapel, and we will often have a family wide game in the big field.

Passion Play (Wednesday Night)

On Wednesday night the staff performs the Passion Play, which shows the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Talent Show (Thursday Night)

We wrap up each week with a wacky and hilarious talent show.

8:30pm - Snack and Campfire

Every day ends with snack and a camp fire by the lake, where we sing songs and close the day off together in worship.