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Family Camp


Camp is for everyone, not just kids!
Families, grown-ups and kids alike benefit from un-plugging and diving into a week of Christian community in the beauty of God’s creation. Faith and fun are woven into every aspect of camp, whether you’re paddling on the lake, playing one of our legendary wide games, or unwinding by the campfire at the end of the day. At the heart of camp is a desire to draw people closer to God as we fellowship together.

Make camp a Family Tradition!

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 Family 1

July 7-12
Both lodges full

Speakers: Rev. Matt Lyseng &
Rev. Dennis Aicken


 Family 2

July 21-26

Both Lodges Full
Both Campgrounds Full

Speakers: Rev. Dean Rostad & Rev. Dr. Peter Beckman


Family 3-for-3

August 6-9

Speakers: Rev. Ben Wyatt &
Rev. David Eriksson


 Family 4

August 11-16

Speakers: Rev. Stephen London & Rev. Kevin Langager

Family 1, 2, 4

Adult:      $390
15-18:      $310
10-14:      $205
5-9:          $125
0-4:           Free

plus canteen

Family 3-for-3

*3 day camp, runs Tuesday - Friday*

Adult:      $230
15-18:      $190
10-14:      $130
    5-9:         $80   
    0-4:        Free

plus canteen


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