With over 80 years of camping experience, Hastings Lake Bible Camp operates summer programs for all ages from our beautiful location on the south shore of Hastings Lake, just 45 minutes east of Edmonton, Alberta. We exist to share the Love of God with all who enter this camp, through Christian community and experiencing God's beautiful creation. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been here before, we invite you to join us for an unforgettable summer!


Our Mission

"To Make Christ Known"


Hastings Lake Bible Camp is an association of Christians in East Central Alberta.  It exists to provide an outdoor setting for Christian education, renewal, and fellowship; so that Christ is made known to all who come. 


Our Camp Director Andrew Carlson lives on-site at the camp with his wife Dieta, who is our Office Manager, and daughters Raina and Delta.


Andrew was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota, and Dieta grew up in Mission, BC. They met while attending the Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute in Camrose, AB, and moved to Hastings right after their honeymoon. Growing up going to Bible camp has given Andrew and Dieta a passion for camp ministry, and they have been serving at Hastings since 2011.

Each year we hire an excellent team of staff to run our summer program. You can meet them


The first camp at Hastings Lake was held in 1938, with 93 campers at a cost of 50 cents per day. By 1945, a kitchen/dining hall complex was built. This building is now known as Noah's Ark, and is still standing today! In 1960, additional land was purchased to complete our 20 acre property. 


"As I have reviewed the history of the Bible Camp, there are many conclusions I have drawn. The most obvious one is that we have had many, many people who have been committed "To Make Christ Known". The immeasurable number of volunteers and volunteer hours to build and maintain this wonderful camp is astounding....The camp has been built on the commitment and love of so many people"  
  - excerpt from 75th Anniversary History, written by Joyce Christenson

Our Board

Our board of directors are:

Roger Osness - Chair

Stephen Stoyko 

Shauna Delainey

Ron Foshaug

Geoff Semmens

Alexandra Johnson

Cathy Czernyanski

Marianne Cole

Jesselyn Skriver

Len Sorenson

Calvin Skriver

Lee Woolery

Rebecca Heiberg