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About Us

Our Mission Statement

To Make Christ known to people of all ages through intentional relationship building, worship, and Bible centered teaching in a Christian camp setting.

Our Core Values

We focus on building and strengthening relationships with Jesus Christ and with each other.

All Ages
Through family camps and youth camps, we specialize in giving people of all ages
a fun and enriching summer camp experience. 

At Hastings, we don’t over-schedule, over-program, or over-load our campers.
We strive for quality over quantity by de-cluttering hearts and minds in an overly cluttered world. 

Bible Based
We intentionally include the Bible, prayer, and Christian teaching in all that we do.

Hastings is a home away from home, where old and new friends become family. 


Our Executive Director Andrew Carlson lives on-site at the camp with his wife Dieta, who is our Office Manager, and daughters Raina and Delta and son Denver.


Andrew was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota, and Dieta grew up in Mission, BC. They met while attending the Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute in Camrose, AB, and moved to Hastings right after their honeymoon. Growing up going to Bible camp has given Andrew and Dieta a passion for camp ministry, and they have been serving at Hastings since 2011.

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Our Board of Directors

Stephen Stoyko

Len Sorenson

Kelly Moseson

Bryan Johnson

Jenaya Munro

Ginger Bitzer

Ruth Wyatt

Matt Faltin

Lauren Ward

Val Sims

Kim Chanasyk

Rev. Darcy Albers


The first camp at Hastings Lake was held in 1938, with 93 campers at a cost of 50 cents per day. By 1945, a kitchen/dining hall complex was built. This building is now known as Noah's Ark, and is still standing today! In 1960, additional land was purchased to complete our 20 acre property. 


"As I have reviewed the history of the Bible Camp, there are many conclusions I have drawn. The most obvious one is that we have had many, many people who have been committed "To Make Christ Known". The immeasurable number of volunteers and volunteer hours to build and maintain this wonderful camp is astounding....The camp has been built on the commitment and love of so many people"  
  - excerpt from 75th Anniversary History, written by Joyce Christenson

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