Meet the
Summer Staff!

Andrew Carlson
Camp Manager

Hastings Lake, AB

"I love seeing campers become SITs, SITs become staff, and staff return as campers with their own families.
God is good!"


Ashlynn Semmens
Program Assistant

Camrose, AB

"Summer after summer I see how God transforms each and every person who passes through the camp and I believe we have an amazing opportunity for God to use us as His hands and feet."

Nick Semmens

Camrose, AB

"This camp is where God made his presence known in my life, my faith has come alive here. I want to help others discover and pursue God."


Madalina Luedtke
Kitchen Assistant

Outlook, SK

"I'm excited to serve at Hastings because I love camp and I love teaching kids and youth about God."


Jenna Dewling
Cabin Leader

Olds, AB

"I love the community that is created every summer at Hastings. Unique friendships are formed that last a lifetime."

Aaron Forbes
Cabin Leader

St. Albert, AB

"I've been coming to Hastings for around seven years and I absolutely adore the camp. I can't wait to serve on the summer team!"

Sam Prangnell
Cabin Leader

Calgary, AB

"Hastings will always have a special place in my heart. It is where I have met some of the most important people in my life."

Dieta Carlson
Office Manager

Hastings Lake, AB

"I firmly believe that Camp changes lives, and love having the opportunity to participate in such meaningful work."


Kieran Swinney
Activities Coordinator

High River, AB

"The camp is my home. God works through everything at camp, I love how each staff member can be an example to young kids of a life of faith."


Jason Adam
Head Cook

Rosalind, AB

"I have a certain connection to Hastings and find it to be one of my 'camp homes.' I hope to show others what it means to be a follower of Christ."

Landon Jack
Maintenance Man

Camrose, AB

"I had a great time last summer, working with the kids, teaching the Bible, and being around fellow believers. I want to show others the same love God has shown me."

James Rostad
Cabin Leader

Camrose, AB

"I'm excited to apply what I have learned at Bible School this past year to Cabin Leading and serving at camp this summer."

Laken Biletski
Cabin Leader

Camrose, AB

"Camp is filled with so many activities and experiences that I enjoy, I love being able to use my passions to further Christ's Kingdom."

Lauren Ward
Cabin Leader

Didsbury, AB

"I want to give kids the same great experiences I had with the leaders through my years at camp, and to help as the camp continues to grow."

Christian Loken
Summer Program Director

Edmonton, AB

"Camp gives children an opportunity to grow, play, and learn in an atmosphere removed from the pressures of modern life. It can help them to grow in their faith and be closer to God."

Reid Bishop

Ardrossan, AB

"I am excited to help create an experience for campers that past staff members have created for me. I can't think of a better way to spend my summer!"

Amy Jack
Kitchen Assistant

Camrose, AB

"I want to show God's love by providing delicious food to everyone, to serve and to share Jesus with the campers."


Chris Everett
Cabin Leader

Strathmore, AB

"The last few summers have been immensely enjoyable and have been important to my faith journey."


Katie Molzan
Cabin Leader

Edmonton, AB

"At camp I can consistently see and feel God's presence through experiences where kids are able to open up or just be amazed by God's power."

Lauren Payne
Cabin Leader

Camrose, AB

"I love working with kids of all ages and different kinds of families. Being able to be part of their faith journeys is a special opportunity that camp provides."

Keysha Swanson
Kitchen Assistant

Camrose, AB

"It has always been fun to hangout with friends, as well as learning more about my faith and God"


Hastings Lake Bible Camp

135-51268 Range Road 204
Sherwood Park, AB, T8G 1E9


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